(CBN4, DOMINICA)-Speaker of the House of Assembly, Alix Boyd-Knights, described the theme for this year’s Commonwealth Day Celebrations as “necessary and timely”.

Boyd-Knights noted that the theme ‘A peace-building Commonwealth’ should be observed and all commonwealth countries should frame their observation around this year’s theme.

She made these remarks during the welcome address of an ecumenical service to celebrate Commonwealth Day at the Arawak House of Culture yesterday (Monday 13 March 2017).

“It is my view that the theme for this year’s observance is both necessary and timely. Necessary because when we look around us, we see the world in conflict and turmoil. Every day, when one listens to the news, one would get the impression that no country is at peace. Even where the war is not fought with guns and artillery, there is a never-ending war of words within the populace of so many countries,” she stated.

Boyd-Knights continued that the theme is timely “because of the recognition by policy makers within the Commonwealth Secretariat that there has to be tangible moves and strategies developed to bring about that elusive peace which most of us desperately crave, even while conceding that peace means different things to different people”.“I do not wish to embark on a philosophical debate on what constitutes peace or how peace can be achieved…we invoke peace on the dead..why are we not invoking peace on the living in the same way and say live in perfect peace and (LIP). We all need peace of mind and that is why we sing let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”

Fifty-two (52) countries of the Commonwealth celebrated Commonwealth Day.

2017 marks 40 years since Commonwealth Day became a global celebration marked on the same day every year on the second Monday in March.