(CBN4, DOMINICA)-Dominica’s efforts to preserve the forests did not go unnoticed by Consultant Eduardo Reyes, who addressed the start of a two-day workshop geared at developing a REDD+ strategy for Dominica last Wednesday (March 15th, 2017).

Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) is a voluntary action for developing countries seeking to diminish greenhouse gases (GHGs) before the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

The aim is for governments, companies or owners of forests, particularly in the southern hemisphere, to be rewarded for preserving their forests instead of destroying them in the name of development.

Reyes, having been to Dominica twice before, said, upon every visit, he is “quite pleased” to see that Dominica has not destroyed its forest on its way to development.

Consultant, Eduardo Reyes

“Every time we visit a country, and then stop visiting for a period of time, when we come back again you realize that the forests are disappearing, but I didn’t have that impression when I got back again to Dominica,” he commended.

Reyes pointed out that although the roads have improved, there has been little impact on the forests, which is not the case in most other developing countries.

Section of Melville Hall to Pond Casse Road

“Back in my first I remember that you were building or renewing or improving the road from Roseau to the airport and the road was very nice, and I can see right now that the forests are eating the road. The opposite happens in many developing countries where once you open the road, you see that the road creates the environment for other ones to start destroying the forest, which is not the case in Dominica, which is a good signal that I got immediately upon my arrival here,” Reyes added.



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