(CBN4, DOMINICA)- One hundred and four (104) students who graduated from the Dominica State College (DSC) were urged to “continuously seek to reinvent themselves” as they achieve their educational goals.

The DSC held its 14th Commencement Ceremony Spring Edition yesterday (on Wednesday 29 March 2017).

Lecturer at the DSC Trudy Christian was the keynote speaker.

“I have seen the power of education, I’ve seen first-hand the value of intellectual currency, I’ve seen people reach the pinnacle of success through grit, hard work and determination,” Christian stated. “Let me assure you today you did the right thing by sticking to your goals and completing your various programs at the Dominica State College.”

“I want to urge you to not stop here but to continuously seek to reinvent yourselves, to earn more of that intellectual currency. Brick by brick, diploma by diploma build your academic qualifications,” she advised.She noted that a well-deserved opportunity with a strong knowledge and skills will always be more rewarding than one obtained otherwise.

Christian also commended the graduates for investing in their development and encouraged them to continue on this journey.

“I implore you to seriously think about living your life like you would like to see it reflected on a recommendation letter for your next job or academic endeavour. Here are some descriptions you’d like to see written about you. Helpful, industrious, reliable and enthusiastic.”

The keynote speaker expressed that while encountering adversities are a part of life, how you traverse that adversity will be the defining factor.

Graduating with honors were Britney Lee, Dianna Daniel, Curdijah Baptiste, Kayama George, Nakisha Pinard, Shanice Walter, Sonita Toussaint, Kenyah Etienne, Tawiah Hunter, Megan Rene, Eltoynea Stoute, Merellia Delsol and Lennisha Simon during the ceremony which took place at the state college auditorium.

Academic Excellence Awards in Faculty of Arts and Science were presented to Nakisha Pinard, Megan Rene and  Dianna Daniel.

Lenisha Simon also received Academic Excellence Awards in Faculty of Education.



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