(PRESS RELEASE)-Consumers may be aware of the various news reports and articles about an investigation in Brazil by the Brazilian government on irregular practices in the certification of meat and meat products and the resulting ban, in Dominica and other Caribbean islands, on corned beef out of Brazil.

J. Astaphan & Co. Ltd sells ASTA brand and MP brand corned beef, which originate from Brazil.

Each shipment of our corned beef is accompanied by an “Official Certificate for Meat and Meat Products” issued by the Federative Republic of Brazil. This Official Certificate discloses, by way of an SIF number, the establishment/unit that has processed the shipped corned beef. The “Sif number and name of processor are also clearly visible on the can.

The good health and wellbeing of its patrons are of paramount importance to J. Astaphan & Co Ltd.

Given the potential impact these reports could have on its patrons, the Company immediately sought information and clarification on this matter.

We obtained a listing of the 21 meat-producing facilities in Brazil under investigation by the Brazilian government; this listing included the relevant SIF numbers of these 21 facilities. J Astaphan & Co Ltd can confirm that the establishments/units producing/processing its corned beef are not included in the 21 named facilities under investigation by the Brazilian government.

It was also confirmed to us that the establishments/units/facilities producing/processing our corned beef brands are in no way implicated in the issue relating to unwholesome meat and meat products coming from Brazil.

We have been reliably informed that meat and meat products from the production/processing unit where the ASTA brand, among others, are produced were recently tested by the Barbados authorities and found to be safe. This finding resulted in the lifting of the ban in Barbados earlier this week. We have also been made aware that many of the other Caribbean islands have already lifted their ban on the importation of Brazilian meats, with the exception of those from the 21 named entities.

J.Astaphan & Co. Ltd has always been, and remains, committed to providing top quality products at affordable prices to its customers. By extension, we are committed to working with Government on all issues relating to public health and safety. Our patrons can rest assured that their good health is a matter of priority to us.



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