(CBN4, DOMINICA)- With less than two months to go before the dry season officially comes to an end, climatological personnel Annie Carette-Joseph has informed that Dominica has had above average rainfall for the 2016/2017 dry season.

Carette-Joseph revealed that the amount of rainfall received from Canefield and Melville Hall were different.

The dry season began in December and will run until the end of May 2017.

“This year the dry season has been experiencing above normal rainfall totals. At Canefield for instance above normal rainfall were maintained from December right through March. However, at Douglas Charles Airport, we saw December, January and February received below normal or normal rainfall and in March received twice as much rainfall as expected to bring the accumulation to normal rainfall for the dry season.”

For the next three months (April, May, and June) Carette-Joseph noted that there are some levels of uncertainty with regards to rainfall.

She explained that the reason for this is due to the transitioning into an El Niño phase and most models are predicting that this transition will occur during the earlier period of the wet season.

“If that onset of El Niño occurs, what we expect is a decrease in our rainfall amounts. So for our dry season, we transition into the wet season with some uncertainties, when and if El Niño onsets at the start of the wet season our rainfall amounts for that period would be below that what we are used to getting,” she said.

“Not meaning that we would be receiving very little or no rainfall…because Dominica, as we know, receives a lot of rainfall. So if for instance, we would be expecting in a range of four to nine hundred millimetres of rainfall what we’re saying is that we are expecting below that amount to occur.”El Niño and La Niña are the changes in sea temperatures in the eastern equatorial pacific ocean. During El Niño, a reduction in rainfall can be expected whereas during a La Niña phase there is an increase in rainfall.

At the end of March Dominica was placed under a drought watch alert which means drought conditions are possible.

The Meteorological Service has advised individuals to monitor any updates and begin conserving water if you have not begun.

The forecast issued for the dry season for Dominica called for above normal rainfall amounts, some slight increase is also expected in temperatures and an increase in wet days.

The climatologists noted that the forecast has held true for the dry season so far.



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